In memory of Sean Martin

The Martin family need your support due to the sudden loss of a very special zebra with Vascular Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome who has sadly passed away on 16th May 2014, Sean Martin was just 46 years of age. 


Our thoughts are with his wife Amanda and their lovely children Mercedes, Madison, Austin and Noah.

Sean Martin

Jennifer Rose, May 16th 2014.

Thursday the 15th, I spent the entire day with Sean, only wish I new it would be the last time I saw my beautiful best friend. I got a call from him saying Dr. Ahearn could fit him in today and asked if I could please still go with him. 


She told him, let's get your pain and blood pressure under control while we work on getting the genetics testing approved but in the meantime you mentioned stairs were getting harder for you, so let's order you a hospital bed for a room downstairs and let's get you that 4x4 motorized chair you want.... then she handed him a sheet of paper with what their immediate plan was and his prescriptions.


He got up and gave her that huge bear hug of his and cried saying thank you so much for caring and wanting to help me I am so glad Jennifer got me in with you. We left and he made about 5 or so calls so happy telling them he finally has a doctor that has given him hope to look at the future. He was so happy & kept telling me all day how thankful he was to have me in his life and how much he loved and appreciated me and glad we became such good friends.


We went to Costco and he was happy fun playing around (in a scooter cart) like the Sean I met 9+ months ago then CVS for what scripts they didn't have at costco. By the time we were back at my house and putting one patch on him, he was so happy and all of a sudden full of energy, not looking like he was in pain at all, matter a fact he could have ran a marathon.


He had became Superman, He was so happy & hugging me with his great bear hug, thanking me for everything and so glad we met gave Fantasia a hug goodbye and my sons a big man hug goodbye and he promised to text me when he got home, which he did. I felt so good helping Sean find a real doctor and couldn't wait to hear from him the next day and how well did he sleep and was feeling... When I got the call on the 16th, I was in complete shock and asked ”this is a joke, right?” No it was not I was so heartbroken, I instantly dropped to my bathroom floor and could not stop crying, Then called my doctor immediately, they pulled her from a patient to talk to me and said if either Amanda or I needed anything over the weekend to call and gave us each her personal cell #. My son came in and whispered ”did Sean died?” while I was on the phone with her, I nodded yes and still couldn't stop crying.... His face turned white and sad, He text Fantasia while she was at work. She came right in from work to my room, dropped.her.stuff and came over on held me while we both cried.

Sean was such a truly wonderful, positive, loving and protective friend, he over the 9+ months had become my bestest friend. He too helped me in so many ways, especially with his calls on my bad days with my fibromyalgia. He had so much Love for you Amanda and always saying how beautiful you are and how lucky he was. He loved his boys to pieces, Madison he is so happy with your life right now and with the amazing guy you found, said he was a keeper and told me all about him and you two together, he was very proud of you darlin! And his eldest daughter, he was glad they made emends and he was very much looking forward to walking her down the isle to become one with this great guy she had finally met...

So sad on/off everyday, missing our daily calls checking in, he was such an amazing man and friend. But I know he is up there watching over us all, protecting us all & everytime the sun shines through a window, I know he is there saying ”HI”, he is a True Angel that is just settin up shop in heaven with a line around six clouds waiting to sit in his chair of creativity in ink.

I Miss You as much as Your FAMILY Darlin. We will meet up again someday at the pearly gates. Love You Dearly. ~xoxOxox~

The ones left behind

Deanna Reames Martinez, May 16th 2014

My best friend lost her best friend and husband this morning. Two litle boys lost their daddy as did two grown girls. His name was Sean Martin and we all lost a man that loved everyone like family. A man that loved his wife, Amanda, with every fiber of his being. A man that would do anything for his friends and has pulled many of them back on their feet while fighting his own demons.

Sean is now pain free and running around in heaven making new friends. That is one thing that always came easy for Sean. If you were lucky enough to meet him you had a devoted friend for life. 

Amanda has become a widow at the young age of 32. She is now thrown in to the role of single mother to 4 kids. With their recent move to  bigger home she has now taken on all the debt they shared on a single income.


The money raised will also help with funeral expenses. 

I know you have heard this story before but this is our story and any little bit that we can get donated will help to keep her from claiming bankruptcy. 

I thank you in advance and welcome your prayers for Amanda, Noah (5), Austin (2), Mercedes and Madison. 

God Bless you all!

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