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Annabelle’s Challenge are pleased to announce our support for a new, not for profit initiative called the Made in Bury Business Draw. 
Every Wednesday a winning ticket is drawn, and someone wins £2000. All proceeds after prize monies and operating costs go to helping coach and mentor new start-up businesses and finance interest free loans for businesses and organisations in Bury, to help them grow, and in turn employ local people.
The cost of a ticket is just £2 and with only 2,400 available, they are in high demand. 
Tickets can only be purchased via a supporting Bury business or organisation such as ours and all we ask is that if you win, you pledge £500 of your winnings to our Charity. 
Interested?  Here’s what to do:
Please complete the Standing Order 
form above and email it to or send it to Made in Bury Business Draw, c/o Made in Bury Limited, Europa House, Barcroft St, Bury, BL9 5BT. 
Please allow up to 14 days for the Made in Bury team to process your application and issue your numbers.
Don’t worry if you are not local to Bury, if you win, Annabelle’s challenge will get the publicity and Annabelle will happily be pictured on your behalf accepting the large cheque…. the Made in Bury team will transfer £1500 to your bank account and the charity will receive £500 which will be credited as a donation from you. 
It really is a WIN WIN!
Thank you for supporting the Made in Bury Business Draw and Annabelle’s Challenge and remember, ‘you have to be in it to win it’

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