Travel Advice


There is no indication against being on an aeroplane with a diagnosis of vascular EDS, but it is worth considering the risk associated with long haul flights. If a medical emergency were to happen mid-flight there would be a considerable delay before any medical assistance would be available.

Travel Plans

We recommend planning for your vacation, making travel plans will not only help to ensure your safety it will also ensure you maximise your time away, so you can enjoy your break.


  • Where is the nearest hospital with emergency care?
  • Take your vascular EDS emergency file & card with you
  • Wear your Medic Alert bracelet  
  • Purchase travel insurance
  • Avoiding crowded resorts and hot climates should be factored in


Most importantly, make memories which will last a lifetime – take your vacations and relax!

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is essential and should not cost you significantly more because of a diagnosis of vascular EDS. It is well worth shopping around and visiting comparison websites such as Money Super Market to get the best package at the right premium.


The only instances we are aware of an increase in premium quoted with a diagnosis of vascular EDS is when a previous medical event has taken place.


Consider your bank, most bank accounts offer a reward package that includes travel insurance. For example, NatWest Reward Platinum offers worldwide travel insurance covering you and your family for trips of up to 31 days. The policy also includes £10 million medical expenses cover.


Here are a selection of insurers offering travel insurance for pre-existing medical conditions:


Fish Insurance


Direct Travel





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