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An Annabelle’s Challenge grant is a one-off payment available to newly diagnosed patients of Vascular EDS, to cover a wide range of practical needs.


Post diagnosis, Vascular EDS patients will encounter additional medical appointments and because it is a life limiting condition, some lifestyle changes will need to be made. 

What can the grants provide?

Since the amount of money available for grants is limited in each financial year we will usually only be able to offer this kind of support once.


Award amounts will vary depending on circumstances and needs but the average grant amount will be £250. Higher amounts and exceptional requests will be considered depending on circumstances.


Some of the typical expenses our grants help with are:

  • Items to help individuals with Vascular EDS replace activities they previously enjoyed
  • Trust fund for children 
  • Towards an event, trip or item on your bucket list
  • Family break in the UK
  • Towards adaptions in the home

Who are they for?

You can apply for an Annabelle's Challenge grant if you have been diagnosed with Vascular EDS and

  • You are a UK Resident
  • You are a member of our charity
  • Provide a confirmed diagnosis letter by your NHS consultant.


How do I get one?

We aim to make our application process as simple and as quick as possible.


Step one

You need to apply using our grants application form.


Step two

Send us your completed grant application and a copy of your NHS diagnostic confirmation letter to or post to the office address at the bottom of the form. 


Step three

Annabelle’s Challenge will process your application on the day they receive it and review with the board of trustees at the next available meeting which takes place every 3 months.


Step four

If your application is approved, payments are generally sent out within seven working days. A grant from Annabelle’s Challenge will not affect the benefits you are entitled to and is not means tested.


All personal and medical information included in your application will be treated confidentially in accordance with the Data Protection Act.


All applications are subject to approval and the decision by the board of trustees is final. Annabelle's Challenge reserves the right to amend or withdraw grants at any time without prior notice.

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