Ambulance Service

Have you informed your local Ambulance Service about your vascular EDS diagnosis?

Contacting your local Ambulance Service to inform them you have Vascular EDS is something that has probably not crossed your mind.


In an emergency situation getting yourself to A&E without delay is essential for patients with vascular EDS but is your local A&E also aware of your condition?


Our advice

Contact your local ambulance service and ask to speak to a senior paramedic / station manager and request that they place a 'marker' on your home address, this will ensure that if you call 999 in an emergency your medical information that you provided comes up on the call handlers system and also on the attending paramedics / fast responders computer screen giving them advance warning of your condition.


If it is your child that is the one diagnosed with vascular EDS you should also include their school address as a marker in the event that your son / daughter is in need of urgent medical attention whilst at school.


If you need help with contacting your local ambulance service or preparing information you need to discuss then please get in touch with us.


In a life threatening medical emergency the nearest A&E will be the obvious destination for the ambulance crew, in the event of a non-life threatening medical emergency it would make more sense to be taken direct to the A&E department at the hospital that is caring for you with vascular EDS.


Please note this is outside of ambulance service protocol so you will need to obtain a letter from your hospital's consultant (See example letter below).


Medical Care Plan

A copy of your medical care plan should also be given to your local A&E and also the A&E department of your care hospital if it is different from your local hospital. The medical care plan letter details a summary of your vascular EDS and any steps required specific to your medical needs.


As well as ensuring a hard copy remains in your A&E we recommend your consultant cc's any relevant consultants and also Accident & Emergency. 


Consultants letter for AE Care Plan.pdf
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