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Do you own a vehicle that you want to sell or get rid of? Then please donate it to us through Giveacar!

Giveacar is a non-profit fundraising organisation that raises money for UK charities by scrapping and selling old cars.

They provide a FREE nationwide service which:

  • Arranges collection of the vehicle from your home
  • Depending on its age and condition, recycles it at an Authorised Treatment Facility or sends it to auction.

Scrap donations raise about £100 (depending on the price of metal) while auction cars can raise much more.

Since Giveacar was set up in 2010, the organisation has already raised over £1million for 900 charities!

To arrange collection of a car, visit or call 020 7736 4242, quoting Annabelle's Challenge as your preferred charity.

If you have an unwanted car taking up space in your garage, GiveACar will tow it away, dispose of it and will donate the profits to Annabelle’s Challenge at no cost to you.


Depending on the condition of your vehicle it is either disposed of in an environmentally friendly way or sold through auction.


GiveACar will collect any make of vehicle, anywhere in the UK.

Saving lives with your scrap car

A scrap car can raise an average of £100 - that's enough to cover funding for four Medic Alert UK memberships for newly diagnosed vascular EDS patients.


Better condition cars can raise a minimum of £200 and good condition cars can raise thousands through auction. 


A MedicAlert bracelet details medical conditions on the back of the medic tag including vascular Ehlers-Danlos, a MedicAlert tag has a unique number which medics can contact 24/7 in an emergency.


MedicAlert ID bracelets, necklaces and watches help make sure patients affected by vascular EDS receive fast, relevant treatment in an emergency.


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