Meet our team

We are proud to have an amazing team at Annabelle’s Challenge. Our team volunteer their time for the charity helping to ensure we deliver our aims to support individuals and families touched by vascular EDS.

Fundraising Manager

Lynn Wells


Lynn joined the team in April 2015 and lives locally in Bolton. Lynn has taken on the additional responsibility of managing our fundraising & events which is a fundemental part of our future growth strategy for the charity. 


Sarah Ward - Chairperson


Sarah lives in Harwood with her family and owns the Theatre Dance Studios in Bolton which started 25 years ago.


Sarah first came across Annabelle's Challenge at the Christmas light switch-on in November 2013 and since then has become a strong supporter of Annabelle's Challenge and was delighted to join the team taking on the role of trustee and chairperson.

Jared Griffin - Founder & CEO


Jared is Annabelle's dad and the founder of Annabelle’s Challenge, a charity that supports patients and families affected by Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (vEDS).


Working closely with the NHS EDS Diagnostic Service, the primary aim is to reduce the number of children and adults being undiagnosed or misdiagnosed by increasing awareness among the public and medical professionals.

Jack Harris


Jack lives in Bury and brings to the team a wealth of knowledge from a volunteers background including a children's hostel in Vietnam and working closely with overseas charities.


"I was delighted to come on board as a trustee for Annabelle's Challenge, the charity does amazing work raising awareness of this rare condition". 

Amanda Bennett


Amanda lives in Bury with her husband, two sons and daughter. Amanada works in human resources at a large company and joined the board of trustees in May 2014.


"I was so pleased to be offered the opportunity to join the charity and look forward to furthering the success of the charity as it grows further".

Jean Hacking


Jean is Annabelle's Grandma and has been with Annabelle's Challenge from the start soon after Annabelle was diagnosed in December 2012. 


Jean actively promotes the charity at public awareness events and behind the scenes helps with the planning of our charity stalls held locally to promote the charity and merchandise sales.

Ryan Griffin


Ryan has been working closely with the charity since his sister, Annabelle was diagnosed with vascular EDS in Decemeber 2012.


Ryan lives and works locally in his hometown, Bury. Ryan joined the board of trustees in August 2015 and takes on the role of social media and newsletter content management.

Emma Hallows


Emma lives in Bolton with her husband, son and daughter. Working in local government Emma became a trustee of Annabelle's Challenge in March 2014.


Emma has been close to the charity from the start and jumped at the opportunity to join the board of trustees.

Our Founders

The charity was founded in January 2013 by Jared and Sarah Griffin, parents of Annabelle who was diagnosed with vascular EDS in December 2012 then aged three.


Annabelle's Challenge has gained momentum in size and awareness and we proudly achieved UK registered charity status in May 2014. 


Sarah is also a volunteer Parents Coordinator for Ehlers-Danlos Support UK covering all types of the Ehlers-Danlos syndromes.

Charity Mascot



Toby is our charity mascot, he is so cute, cuddly and very tall!


He help us raise the profile of the charity and awareness for vascular EDS. Toby has a little brother also named Toby who can often be seen on his travels around the world raising awareness.


#TobysChallenge is the hashtag to use to follow Toby's Challenge.

Press Relations

Liz Wilson


Liz Wilson is a fundemental part of our team and the inspiration behind launching Annabelle's Challenge globally.


Liz and her family live in Australia, thanks to her continued work for Annabelle's Challenge it is helping towards our future growth and support for those who are touched by vascular EDS.


Meg Thornton


Meg is the official photographer for Annabelle's Challenge.


We are delighted to have Meg on board with our team working closely with to ensure our events are captured and also helping to raise awareness.


Click Here to view Meg's website.

Our office hours

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Helpline: 0800 917 8495

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