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We launched Annabelle's Challenge on 11th January 2013 to create a positive online campaign to raise awareness of vascular EDS following Annabelle's diagnosis on 19th December 2012.


As a family trying to come to terms with Annabelle's diagnosis we were frustrated by the lack of knowledge and understanding of this very rare condition and felt compelled to do something about it.


Initially starting on facebook, Annabelle’s Challenge quickly gained momentum and now has over 4,000 ‘awareness warriors’ giving us the opportunity to connect with the EDS community and anyone who has concerns with vascular EDS or von Willebrand blood disorder.


In March 2013 we launched @AJsChallenge on Twitter and we now have over 2,400 followers which is growing daily with some fantastic interaction and retweets helping to raise awareness.


During ‘EDS Awareness Month’ in May 2013 we launched the Annabelle’s Challenge website which now welcomes over 12,000 monthly unique visitors and is ranked #1 in google helping us to reach out globally with our information and support. 


In June 2013 we established Annabelle's Challenge as a local charity organisation and began fundraising to help fund awareness campaigns. With the help of family, friends, local business, volunteers and supporters we raised over £28,000 in the first twelve months.


Our team work tirelessly to raise awareness of vascular EDS and on 16th May 2014 Annabelle’s Challenge proudly achieved UK registered charity status.

Annabelle's Challenge charity is run by a committed and experienced team all of whom are volunteers.


We are a small local charity with very little overheads or staff to pay. Through the generosity of our supporters, family, friends and the local community every penny raised goes a very long way in helping our charity achieve its objectives.

Please note Annabelle's Challenge does not provide medical advice, you should contact your local doctor with any medically related concerns or questions.


The information contained on this website is obtained from various reliable sources and should not be construed to represent opinion or advice by Annabelle’s Challenge and/or it's trustees.


Annabelle's Challenge values your support and promises to respect your privacy. The data we gather and hold is managed in accordance with the Data Protection Act (1998).


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